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The HLA Ligand Atlas. A resource of natural HLA ligands presented on benign tissues.
Ana Marcu, Leon Bichmann, Leon Kuchenbecker, Daniel Johannes Kowalewski, Lena Katharina Freudenmann, Linus Backert, Lena Mühlenbruch, András Szolek, Maren Lübke, Philipp Wagner, Tobias Engler, Sabine Matovina, Jian Wang, Mathias Hauri-Hohl, Roland Martin, Konstantina Kapolou, Juliane Sarah Walz, Julia Velz, Holger Moch, Luca Regli, Manuela Silginer, Michael Weller, Markus W. Löffler, Florian Erhard, Andreas Schlosser, Oliver Kohlbacher, Stefan Stevanović, Hans-Georg Rammensee, Marian Christoph Neidert, Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer 2021;9:e002071. doi: 10.1136/jitc-2020-002071
The HLA Ligand Atlas is a comprehensive collection of tissue and HLA allele specific HLA ligands that are naturally presented. The data was generated in standardized mass spectrometry experiments and analyzed using a well defined computational analysis workflow.
We provide an easy to use query interface to quickly identify peptides of interest in the database, e.g. using sequence patterns or by specifying a tissue or HLA allele of interest. Query results can be exported and the complete HLA Ligand Atlas can be downloaded.
You are welcome to contact us at and send us feedback or feature requests!
  • Interface Release 0.9.16 2021-04-23

    Improved protein page

  • Data Release 2020.12 2021-04-23

    Allele prediction with latest NetMHC tools, updated binder thresholds.

  • Interface Release 0.9.15 2020-07-03

    Improved peptide page.

  • Data Release 2020.06 2020-07-02

    Allele prediction bugfixes.

  • Interface Release 0.9.14 2020-05-11

    Supports non-binder peptides. Improved list search. Improved search interface.

  • Data Release 2020.04 2020-05-11

    Predicted non-binder peptides included. Data processed with mhcquant 1.5.1. Additional datasets included. HLA-II predicted binder status includes NetMHCIIpan 4.0.

  • Interface Release 0.9.13 2019-09-21

    Search page improvements, added Uniprot ID bulk search.

  • Interface Release 0.9.12 & Data Release 2019.09a 2019-09-18

    Improved data export column names. Fixed replicate binding filter.

  • Interface Release 0.9.11 2019-09-16

    Visual improvements and bug fixes

  • Data Release 2019.09 2019-09-10

    Initial beta data release

  • Interface Release 0.9.4 2019-09-10

    Initial beta interface release